Dropbox Without Gnome : File synching that “Just Works”

By | 2009/04/18

UPDATE: This article has been updated for clarity and to include user feedback. Install Dropbox on Kubuntu KDE (Without Nautilus).

I have been using Dropbox for quite some time now and I really like it. It is cross platform, meaning it works on my Linux machines (at home and at work) and also my OS X machines. It is a very, very simple way to synchronize files between machines.

As a quick aside, for those not completely satisfied with Dropbox, you should tryout the latest FileShare service from YouSendIt!

Recently I switched to KDE 4.2.2 and have since missed Dropbox, as it is primarily designed for use with GNOME’s Nautilus file browser. I found a quick tutorial outlining how to use Dropbox on KDE, and wanted to pass it along.

The first time you run Dropbox you’ll go through a short configuration wizard. Simply enter your existing Dropbox account information and you’re set.

If you don’t have an existing Dropbox account, but would like to check it out, do so here.

If you’d like Dropbox to launch automagically at login simply create a symlink from your home folder to your .kde4/Autostart directory:

ln -s ~/.dropbox-dist/dropdoxd ~/.kde4/Autostart/

Rinse and repeat on any of your machines and you’ll be synching files in no time!


8 thoughts on “Dropbox Without Gnome : File synching that “Just Works”

  1. Karol Krizka

    What the original KDE article does not mention is that there is an source package that you also can compile. But the configure script fails if it cannot find nautilus and there is no way to disable it. I'm currently trying to see if there is a way to patch the script.

    Also, what exactly does the nautilus integration do?

  2. Victor

    If I follow this guide, can I use the same context-menu (right-click-menu) as in nautilus/windows? Or is it just commands in the console?

  3. zelut Post author

    I believe the right-click menu actions are the Nautilus-specific items. I am able to navigate my Dropbox folder in Dolphin, but I do not have the context menus.

  4. zelut Post author

    I believe the Nautilus integration is simply the context-menu (right-click) items.

    If you are able to find out a solution to compiling a more native solution please let us know.

  5. anon

    Since the nautilus plugin is open-source though, someone can make one for dolphin too.

  6. Roedrev

    Thank you for pointing out this service to me, as well as letting me in on the beta.

  7. Dropbox

    It's perfect service. We use it for share all projects files between our team

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