Play Guild Wars on Ubuntu 9.04

By | 2009/04/20

My younger brother spent this last weekend with me and planted the bug (as little brothers are apt to do) of playing video games again. It has been quite some time since I have played many games, but he’s all about Guild Wars these days, so I set off to get it running in Wine. Luckily, on a 3D accelerated video card, the whole process is very simple.

We’ll need to run this in Wine, of course, as there is not (yet?) a native release for Linux. To install Wine we can use the following command (or click the package name link below):

sudo aptitude install wine

Once you have Wine installed you can download and install Guild Wars using the network installation method. This will require you download a small executable which will download the required game peices.

wine GwSetup.exe

This will download the game requirements and eventually put you at a login screen. You’ll need to login with your Guild Wars username and password. This process will also create a listing in your Applications Menu and a Desktop icon to start the game.

After you’re logged in and all the files are downloaded you’ll be ready to start playing. I’ve been playing the last few days on Ubuntu 9.04 and everything is running smoothly.


8 thoughts on “Play Guild Wars on Ubuntu 9.04

  1. Fremir

    hi… i install the game!!! but after the download finnish always my lapto re star the system!!! i don't know why can u help me?????? thz!!!

  2. traskbt

    I used to play Guild Wars (in Ubuntu), as well, and would take it up again if Lord of the Rings Online wasn't so much fun. Though I can't seem to get LotRO to work in Ubuntu, so I'm stuck with my WinXP partition.

  3. Voku

    DirectX installation

    download DirectX:


    register DirectX:

    –output-document /tmp/directx.reg
    /usr/bin/regedit /tmp/directx.reg

    download DirectX 9.0c installer:



    /bin/mkdir $HOME/.wine/drive_c/DIRECTX
    /usr/bin/cabextract -d $HOME/.wine/drive_c/DIRECTX /tmp/directx_redist.exe


    /usr/bin/wine "C:DIRECTXDXSETUP.exe"

    start dxdiag:

    /usr/bin/wine "C:windowssystem32dxdiag.exe"

  4. abhishek

    i heard that u guys have a method to play guildwar…
    i am a player of evony but nt able to make it to login page after i switched to linux 9.04
    can any1 help me???
    i have approached u guys with lot of trust i tried almost evrything but failed

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