Google Chrome Developer Preview Available For Linux

By | 2009/06/05

I just got word that Google has released a Developer Preview for their browser, Google Chrome. I have not had time to test it on my Linux machine yet, but I have installed in on OS X and it is working great so far! There are bugs, of course. The limitations are mentioned at the download page, but overall it has been working like a champ.

I love that Google released a browser, and not just any browser, but a browser that redefines how browsers should work from the bottom up. I also love that Google doesn’t limit this offering to a single operating system, but shares it with everyone. Granted it has been a while since the Windows-only release, but this really shows that they *have* been working on it, and now have something to offer us.

If you’d like to see some basic screenshots (again, I have not tested this on my Linux machine, only OS X) you can visit my other blog. In the meantime, here is a link to the dirty details and downloads.

Early Access Release Channels: Chromium (Google Chrome Downloads)


6 thoughts on “Google Chrome Developer Preview Available For Linux

  1. Custo-Mary

    Good, another proprietary piece of sh*t that tries to get inside our GNUs. Be well and Free, my friend! Not my cup of tea…

  2. Custo-Mary

    Yay, by the time it is now in history, and the amount of info they've collected about you, Google now can guess what you will clic on and what you will like to surf into… FF is fast enough for me. Don't give up your privacy, folks.

  3. Fawnsworth

    think i'll stick wit midori

  4. Jadd

    The Linux Action Show talked about this blog post on their show. They basically said: what are Linux developers doing talking about Chrome on a Mac? Why aren't Linux developers using Linux?

  5. isaque

    maybe because of Google's Chrome is way good!

  6. Aaron Toponce

    @Custo-Mary what's proprietary about it? The full source is available, and licensed all under licenses that the Free Software Foundation recognizes as Free. Further, Chrome isn't reporting a damn thing to Google, except maybe usage statistics, which you have to opt-in for. Where do you get off making false accusations and spreading lies?

    @jadd Developers aren't the only ones on Planet Ubuntu. Contributors, documentation teams, etc are on the planet as well.

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