GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest – SCaLE 9x

By | 2011/02/26
Sponsored by the GNOME Foundation

Sponsored by the GNOME Foundation

We’ve been working hard on the list we’ve assigned ourselves in the GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest. So far we’ve made a large number of commits to our puppet configuration tree, as well as got two new servers installed. A large number of our web services are now migrated to a new RHEL6 based web server, which is running smoothly. This is a great step toward being able to migrate everything onto supported, high performance hardware.

While Olav Vitters wasn’t able to physically attend the Hackfest he has been making some impressive contributions to the project and the TODO list we’ve compiled. I want to put out a big thank you to him for all his contribution!

I’ve made a number of improvements to the Nagios monitoring solution, expanding it to include the new virtual machines and tweaking the sensitivity of some of the checks. In addition, I’ve written a new nfs client and nfs server puppet class, which should allow us to more easily configure our NFS shares, which we use quite a bit of.

We’ll have more to report as the conference continues. I think we’re going to have a very impressive overall report  by the time this is all over.

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  1. Ardie

    I am currently running linux 11.04 Natty and i ran accross a cool looking desktop and i want it but can’t find it HELLLPPP ME! lol

  2. Linux News

    Gnome is the best desktop environment for me, nice GUI and I’m happy use it.

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