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Packaging 101 A Success At Ubuntu OpenWeek

I just finished attending the Ubuntu OpenWeek Session: Packaging 101, presented by dholbach, King of the MOTU! ;).  It was a great presentation and I learned quite a bit.  I have studied packaging before and I always ran into issues.  I think his presentation made things very clear and he was great in answering the… Read More »

Plan and Announce Your Release Party!

The release of the next Ubuntu LTS (8.04 “Hardy Heron”) is just around the corner and as a community of Ubuntu members its our responsibility–nay, our obligation— to celebrate!  What are you planning to do for the greatest release to date? If you’re part of a LoCo Team (you know who you are!) you need… Read More »

What Are You Doing For Document Freedom Day?

Many of us in the Free Software community have a certain level of “activist” within us, pushing those around us towards the ideals that we cherish.  Ideals such as freedom.  Freedom of communication, freedom of data, freedom of choice.  This March 26th is Document Freedom Day, another occasion where we can band together and help… Read More »

Join Us On The Pulse

As some of you may have read yesterday, Jorge Castro and I put together a twitter-powered Ubuntu Planet of sorts.  Our thinking is that we wanted a way to aggregate the army of Ubuntu users within the ‘twitterverse’, and give users a way to see what is going on within the Ubuntu community on a… Read More »

New Project Meeting

My apologies for the lack of updates this week.  My poor wife is nine-months pregnant and we’re expecting a baby any day now.  We even spent one evening at the Hospital wondering if that was going to be the big day.  She’s taking much of my focus this week, but with her fast asleep this… Read More »

Elaborating On My Latest Project

Based on some of the feedback from yesterday’s post regarding my latest project I thought it deserved a little more detail.  I don’t mean to be cryptic about it, I think I’m simply having a hard time describing the team.  Something, obviously, that I’ll need to resolve quickly. The best way I’ve found to describe… Read More »

Ubuntu Live : Call For Paper… Suggestions

I attended Ubuntu Live last year and I really enjoyed it! I met a lot of great people there and I decided last year that I’d be back the next, and also that I’d submit a paper for presentation this year. I meant to last year but at the last minute decided against it (which… Read More »

Ubuntu Tutorials License Page

I just realized that I no longer have the blog license published in the footer like I did in my previous theme. For that reason I have created a page outlining the license restrictions for use with these tutorials. Basically, the contents of this blog are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution… Read More »

XO Laptop Specs.. for those interested

I’ve been tinkering with the XO laptop this morning and I thought I’d share some specs with everyone that is interested. I’m still exploring the machine, but here are some interesting details that I found.  I’ve included hardware details from processor, memory and hard disk to software details including running kernel, included software, etc.  It’s… Read More »