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Gtypist – terminal based typing tutor

Since my conversion to Dvorak last week I’ve found myself needing to practice as much as possible to retrain myself on a new keyboard layout. My day to day requires quite a bit, but there are also those times when I find I just need some good old fashioned training. For that I use gtypist.… Read More »

Lack of posts & the culprit – Dvorak!

So I am sure that many of you have noticed a huge lack in activity coming from this blog over the last week. I apologize for not getting anyone their daily fix, I’m working on it. Ready for the excuses? Here they come. Last Friday I made the plunge and switched to the Dvorak keyboard… Read More »


Today I decided to try out the Dvorak keyboard layout. From what I’ve read it sounds like it could improve my performance and help avoid in repetetive stress injuries, but we’ll see how that goes. I have decided to use Dvorak for the month of June and track my results. I will test myself and… Read More »