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Evolution + Gmail IMAP = …really slow?

I set up Evolution again today to tie into my gmail IMAP but I notice the performance is terribly slow. Does anyone else have this same issue? I’ve been using webmail for some time now, is that comparing apples to oranges? If anyone has any tips on speeding up Evolution when tied into Gmail’s IMAP… Read More »

Mozilla Thunderbird : Security Update

For any of you running the Thunderbird 2.x series, perhaps based on my tutorial on manually installing the latest Thunderbird, there has been a security patch released today.  Below are instructions on upgrading manually, and a quick outline of some of the major security fixes. Upgrading Download Thunderbird (Save as…) sudo tar -C /opt -zxvf… Read More »

Configuring Mutt To Use An Alternate MTA : ESMTP

Some of you may remember that I went on a Mutt kick there a while back and gave up for a few different reasons. I have been using Thunderbird 2.x series since, which has been pretty good, but I still think all mail clients suck. I don’t know exactly what it is about them– maybe… Read More »

Manually Install Thunderbird 2 : Ubuntu 7.04

Since my exodus yesterday from Mutt I have installed and am playing with Thunderbird 2 for email. So far I don’t hate it like I did 1.5, but we’re still in the test stages. We’ll see how it all turns out. In any event I wanted to share with you how I installed Thunderbird 2… Read More »

Mastering Mutt : A Few Basic Commands

To update based on my earlier post concerning use of the Mutt email client I wanted to share some of the quick tips that I’ve learned.  Now, Mutt can be very complex and very granular in its configuration.  This is by no means a comprehensive overview of Mutt usage.  I mainly want to point out… Read More »

Learning the Mutt Mail Client

I’ve decided over the past few days that I wanted to learn more about and start using Mutt for my mail client.  After reading numerous pages and seeing dozens of examples of .muttrc files I’ll say that I’m still a bit lost on what I should and shouldn’t be setting.  For those of you that… Read More »