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Project Update Announcements

I wanted to quickly toss something out there for all of you on the interweb.  I spent some time last evening cleaning up a few of my code projects.  If you have been using either of them you may want to update. apturl for Gnome Do I spent some time in the #gnome-do channel last… Read More » 0.6.2 released

Minor update available for For those interested the download is available in the traditional location as well as on Launchpad. Still working on a package folks. updated config file control, allowing commenting in the ~/.foldingrc added ‘migrate’ function, easing transitioning to new hardware added ‘version’ function as standalone (vs output via ‘help’) misc cleanup… Read More »

Ubuntu Folding IRC Channel

A few of us from the Ubuntu Folding Team setup an IRC channel today for support and discussion of folding. If you’d like to join us drop by in #ubuntu-folding (freenode). You can find support for (my application) if I’m around, or discuss other methods for running the distributed computing client. Links: Download… Read More »

Packaging Request For Folding

If you’ve followed this blog over the last six months you probably know I’ve been developing a little piece of software that facilitates in installing (and MUCH more!) the Folding @ Home distributed computing project on Linux machines.  I’ve had a great lot of fun writing and developing this software, and based on the number… Read More »

Folding 0.6.1 “Blizzard” Released

I know we just had a folding release earlier today, and it is still super-awesome, but I had a little time to think this afternoon and I added a little bit more to it.  I went with my wife to the doctor regarding the baby that is on the way and, well, you know how… Read More »

Folding 0.6 “Awesomely Awesome!” Released

Well, its time again for another update. This release, version 0.6, is a MAJOR update from all previous versions. This is one that I’m really proud of and I’ve tested pretty heavily. To give you an idea, I installed Stanford’s Folding @ Home client to ten machines on my network–all different distributions–by running one… Read More »

Folding Released

I wish I was announcing the release of Folding 0.6 today but I made a mistake with some of the revisions I had and lost them.  Looks like I’ll be starting over on those additions.  Those are (for those that are curious), a local backup and restore utility and also a remote backup and restore. … Read More »

Folding “Regression” Released

Just three days after releasing 0.5.2 I’m repenting and reverting a bit with a patch. This removes the renaming prompt at the main installer. Based on a bit more testing and user feedback I realize adding that feature at that point was not the best idea. In the future, installing as normal and then… Read More »