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Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala” Torrents Available Here

As you’re probably aware, Ubuntu 9.10 was released on Oct 29th, 2009. The best way to download these new images is by way of bittorrent. Whether you are looking for the latest LiveCD, Server installation or Netbook Remix, we’ve got your torrents here. See the list below to find your preferred image and start downloading! Please remember… Read More »

Completely Hide GNOME Panel

I’ve been doing a lot of customization lately with my GNOME installation, trying out new layouts and trying to gain as much screen real estate as I can. I came across an issue this morning in regards to the GNOME panel that I wanted to write down / publish. In the short article below I… Read More »

I’d Like To Contribute To GNOME…

I only have just a minute for this post, but I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks that I’d really like a project to contribute to.  After putting some thought into it I realized I liked the idea of contributing to something upstream, vs to a distribution specifically.  I also really enjoy GNOME and… Read More »

GNOME 2.26 Has Arrived!

I just wanted to add my two-cents regarding the new GNOME release, 2.26.  I have been a GNOME fan for nearly as long as I can remember and I’m really happy to see another solid and on-time release.  Remember, you can look forward to all the new GNOME features in the upcoming Ubuntu release, due… Read More »