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Remapping the Function Key Behavior on MacBook / MacBook Pro

There is some built-in functionality on the MacBook hardware that I have that I have grown accustomed to, but not really enjoyed.  It has been one of those slight annoyances–something that you just kind of get used to–although it gets under your skin.  Well today I decided I had enough and hunted down the solution. … Read More »

update-pciids – download new version of the PCI ID list

I’ve been doing some research this week on getting a better, native driver installed for wireless on my MacBook. Some of you may remember my previous post about getting wireless to work under ndiswrapper, which has been working great so far, but I have been hoping for more. Digging through the Ubuntu Forums today I… Read More »

Temporarily Disable Touchpad While Typing

I’m still working out a few minor bugs on my Apple MacBook running Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty” before I write-up my end-all tutorial for Ubuntu on the MacBook.  While perusing the Ubuntu Forums this morning I found a nice little hack / script / tool that can help you disable your touchpad while typing.  I’m sure… Read More »

How To Fix Common Wacom Tablet Issues

Based on a comment I had last week concerning the Wacom Tablet support and having done a little research I wanted to offer some resources for getting these tablets going on your Ubuntu machines. Much of this information comes from the Wacom Ubuntu Community pages so please refer to that for more information. It sounds… Read More »

Sound Problem Fix for Edgy

This will be a quick post to outline a fix for something that we ran into this afternoon. My buddy herlo recently upgraded to Edgy and the sound had issues working after completion. After doing some digging we found a solution to the problem so I thought I would share this with the rest of… Read More »

Network File System (NFS) : Ubuntu (6.06 / 6.10)

Update: This post has been updated based on comments by users. See comments for more details. I realize that this might be something understood by many people but last night I went to set it up and realized I needed some documentation. The documentation that I did find was rather limited so I thought I… Read More »