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How To Choose The Right Ubuntu CD

I realized the other day, based on repeated questions, that many people don’t know which CD is the best to download. When looking at a list of CD options from a download page the options can be very overwhelming. I thought I would break things down for everyone today. Hopefully this’ll help new users find… Read More »

5 Steps To A New Ubuntu Installation

This post is a response to a few previous posts and comments and based on some other questions that I’ve been asked recently. I wanted to outline the few steps I use on a new installation. Your usage might vary a bit, but I realize this is something that new users might be interested in.… Read More »

Live CD vs Alternate Installer

I spent some time this last weekend at a couple of local install fests. They were fairly successful but there were a few things I saw that could be improved. There are some limitations of the Live CD installer that are included in the Alternate CD. Is there, or how difficult would it be to… Read More »