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Chat Room Support in Bitlbee

I’ve previously posted a number of tutorials concerning the coolest chat clients in the universe, irssi + bitlbee. Bitlbee has seen some recent improvements, including a rewrite of the jabber codeset and addition of chat-room support for the IM clients. This mean you can now join jabber conference rooms within bitlbee. I initially wrote most… Read More »

Jabber Suggestions

I’ve been using my gmail account as my primary Jabber account since I switched to Jabber. The more I use it (with bitlbee) the more I realize that Google’s implementation is a bit non-standard which leads to problems. I’m wondering what Jabber suggestions the world has. Is there a good Jabber server I should use… Read More »

Open Discussion Day

I wanted to post a note and show my support, yet again, for the Open Discussion day on May 19th.  Last year I took part on a personal level and made the switch to Jabber only for IM purposes.  I gave some notice to my contacts and even wrote up a quick outline of how… Read More »

Synchronizing gaim-encryption between machines

Here is a quick reminder post about how to syncrhonize gaim-encryption keys between multiple machines. Why would you need to do this? If you use gaim at home & at work and want to use encryption you’ll need to synchronize your keys. Linux to Linux synchronization: Synchronizing between two Linux machines is as simple as… Read More »

Gaim encryption

I’ve been doing a lot of research this week on encryption. GPG, PGP, RSA, DSA.. all that good stuff. I’ll admit I don’t understand the extent of HOW it works. I’m mainly looking at ways to implement it without completely changing the way I interact with my machine & others. If you and your recipients… Read More »