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Firefox Shortcut Keys

Not long ago the USB mouse that I’ve been using with my laptop finally died.  Granted it may have been due to me stubbing my toe on my backpack and crushing it during the middle of the night.  In any event, I’ve become pretty proficient in the use of keyboard shortcuts in Firefox at this… Read More »

Mozilla Firefox Easter Eggs

I ran into some Mozilla Firefox easter eggs this afternoon.  Do you have any more that I don’t know about? Visit these addresses in Firefox 3: about:mozilla about:robots Also some other interesting things to find: about:config about:cache about:credits about:license about:buildconfig (Reference to the “warranty” is a warning message and I’m sure its a joke.  Refer… Read More »

How To Disable Prefetching in Firefox & Epiphany

update: I have also found that prefetching is active in the Epiphany browser as well. The instructions to de-activate it are the same, see below. I recently found out that Firefox has a feature called “prefetching” that tries to pre-download items that it suspects you might click on soon.  This could help in pre-downloading content… Read More »

Thinking Outloud…

I picked up an old Sun UltraSparc 10 this last week and I set it up yesterday with Ubuntu 6.06 Server. I think I’ll have it run my irssi/bitlbee server, and I was also thinking it could be my local DNS/DHCP server.. but this is where I get into unknown territory for my network. As… Read More »

How To openID Enable Your Blog

In a follow up from my previous post here, I want to quickly outline how to openID enable your WordPress blog.  I know it isn’t Linux / Ubuntu related, but we can stretch and say that your server is running on Linux / Ubuntu so it’s close enough, right? 🙂 Register For an OpenID The… Read More »