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Refresh The Katapult Launcher in Kubuntu

After posting my previous tutorial on Manually Installing Firefox I noticed that the Katapult Launcher in Kubuntu was not aware of my newly installed application. Apparently you need to refresh Katapult before it’ll see the changes. For those of you that use Katapult this little trick might be handy.. and for those of you that… Read More »

Sinking Deeper – Continued Impressions of Kubuntu

Well I am a bit pleasantly surprised to say that I’m very much enjoying my time in KDE right now. There are some bugs, as is to be expected, but for the most part I’m continuing to be very productive and I’m learning a lot. I think some of you were right to mention that… Read More »

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Continued Impressions of Kubuntu 7.10 beta

Well we’re into day two on using Kubuntu full-time and I’m getting most of my personal show stoppers worked out.  I want to thank everyone that left comments here giving me some suggestions.  Here are my continued thoughts on using it, and what I’ve worked out. Things I like / solutions:  Konqueror as a web… Read More »

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Initial Impressions of Kubuntu 7.10 beta

As I mentioned a few days ago I have considered trying to use KDE again. Well yesterday I did a fresh install of Kubuntu 7.10 beta. Here are some of my initial thoughts: Bugs Reported: netboot installer garbles video output on macbook initial resolution wrong (1024×768) (#147323) brightness hardware keys don’t function in kde (functional… Read More »

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Considering Trying KDE Again With Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy”

So I keep hearing all these great improvements coming down the pipe for KDE and v4.0.  I know much of it is available in the repositories and while considered beta at this stage when have I been afraid of a little bleeding edge?  I’ve been running Ubuntu 7.10 since the second alpha release.  I’m a… Read More »

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KDE apps : Not *quite* as customizable as I thought

(Token Disclaimer: I don’t mean to start a flame war. Let’s not argue gnome vs KDE. This is simply an observation of mine. I hope someone might have a solution for it.) Recently I’ve been on a GPG kick and have been interested in collecting, signing and using the GPG system more and more. I… Read More »

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The Switch To KDE : Day 5

I have yet again wrapped up another day using KDE as my main desktop environment.  Everyone has had some appealing arguments (and a few were heated enough to the point of deletion).  I have to say that both camps really do have quite a lot to offer.  I have come to appreciate some of the… Read More »

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The Switch To KDE : Day 4

Well I have survived yet another day of KDE and I’m still going strong.  It’s not so bad once you get used to it 🙂  I will say that I would not be having such a positive experience if it weren’t for all of your reader comments.  I really do appreciate it.  I feel a… Read More »

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The Switch to KDE : Day 3

Well I am happy to report that my third day with KDE has shaped up better than the second.  I’ll admit that by the end of yesterday I was just counting the days until I could switch back.  Today is a different story. Now that I’ve resolved some of my main concerns things are shaping… Read More »

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The Switch To KDE : Day 2

Well I’m coming to the close of a second day now with KDE. I have to say that this second day wasn’t quite as pleasant as the first. I don’t know if it is simlpy a big work load that is causing me stress but I am getting frustrated in not being able to get… Read More »

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