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Extend Your Battery Life With Powertop

If you use a Linux laptop and have not heard of PowerTop you really need to keep reading!  This is a fantastic tool for extending your battery life written and published by Intel.  I use it constantly on long flights and my battery lasts long enough for a cross-country flight. Installing Powertop PowerTop is available… Read More »

Shell Shortcuts

I was tearing away this morning configuring something in the shell. My wife peaks over my shoulder and says “How do you do that?!” I have a nice laugh and there was born an idea for my next post. This post outlines some basic shell shortcuts. note: these use the default shell bindings, based on… Read More »

Fedora on the MacBook – A Few Tips

I installed Fedora 8 on my macbook the other day just to tinker and see how the other side live and I wanted to make sure I got a few things written down concerning the installation. I had to dig & dig to get it to work, so here’s to hoping others will not have… Read More »

How to Enable or Disable Login Messages

Suppressing Login Messages I do a lot of remote remote maintenance via ssh on my machines and one thing that I’ve long wondered about is the message outputted when you login.  You know, the system information output plus the notice concerning the warranty, etc.  Here is the output I’m referring to when connecting to my… Read More »

“Service” Tool Available on Ubuntu 7.10

I spent the day teaching a class on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 and in doing so got in the habit of using some Redhat specific commands. After class when I got back on my Ubuntu laptop I attempted to restart a service using “service network restart”. Instead of complaining about the service command not being… Read More »

Vim Tip of the Week : Oct 5th, 2007

This vim tip of the week was submitted by Andrew.  Many thanks.  Do you have a vi/vim tip that you’d like to share with the world?  Visit my contact page and send me your idea! This vim tip relates to updating multiple windows or tabs within vim with a single command.  If you ever edit… Read More »

Time – Run Programs and Summarize System Resource Usage

Today’s post is a quickie, and more along the lines of a “package of the day”, but I thought it would be interesting to share. The time command in Linux will offer you system resource summaries and total time taken to complete the job requested. Usage of the time command is very simple (although see… Read More »

Vim Tip of the Week : August 31, 2007 – Remote Editing

I’ll preface this post with a quote from one of our local users, findlay: 11:15 < findlay-w> I can edit google’s homepage from within vim?! 11:15 < findlay-w> now that’s a powerful editor! That’s right vim is a powerful editor! Now, of course, you can’t publicly change Google’s homepage with vim but you can edit… Read More »

Vim Tip of The Week : August 24th, 2007 – Vim-Full

This tip will be a quick one, and I want to thank one of the commentors on a previous post for pointing this out to me.  The vim that comes installed on your base machine is not the full vim, for some reason.  I guess its the basic “this’ll get the job done”-vim, but not… Read More »