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Extended Video on the Macbook : Xrandr ftw!

Update: I wrote this quite a while ago and never posted it pending more testing.  I figure it can be helpful in its current state to more users than just myself.  So, in the spirit of release early, release often here are steps that I took for configuring extended display on my MacBook.  Based on… Read More »

Enabling Suspend on the Macbook : Ubuntu 7.10

In continued testing on my macbook it appears that I have suspend working solidly. If you enjoy this feature you may want to look into this tutorial. I have never really used suspend/hibernate much in the past because it has been buggy, but now that it appears to be working well I think I may… Read More »

How To Enable Wireless Networking on the Macbook : Ubuntu 7.10

With the new release of Ubuntu 7.10 I figured I should go back and revisit some of my macbook specific tutorials.  Today I’ll touch on configuring / enabling wireless on the macbook (second-gen) in Ubuntu 7.10. Enable Wireless on the Macbook sudo aptitude install build-essential wget -c tar -zxf madwifi-trunk-current.tar.gz cd madwifi-ng-* make sudo… Read More »

Installing Ubuntu on a Macbook : Tutorial (beta)

This tutorial has been a long time in the making and it isn’t completely done, but I wanted to release it for some suggestions, comments and cleanup. I set out to write a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for installing Ubuntu. It basically starts from taking the Macbook out of the box to configuring networking, video, right-click,… Read More »

How to setup wireless on a macbook using madwifi : 7.10 “Gutsy”

Update : Improved instructions available on a more recent post here. I have been using ndiswrapper for wireless support for some time now due to the Core 2 Duo Macbook series not working with the madwifi drivers. You may remember a previous tutorial I wrote on Configuring Wireless using ndiswrapper. That tutorial is all fine… Read More »