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Ubuntu Live : Lunchtime Recap

I thought I’d share some of the quick news so far from the Ubuntu Live conference.  From what I can gather there are not a lot of us from the community side here (if you are, please come find us!)  There are a few key points that I thought I’d share with the rest of… Read More »

Vim Tip of The Week : +[num] or +/{pat}

First let me start of by saying that if you haven’t yet taken the plunge to use vi/vim you really should.  This editor will take you to levels of efficiency that you’ve only dreamed of, and probably beyond.  Seriously, take the time to teach yourself some vim tips. You might want to read a few… Read More »

Off Topic : Go See Michael Moore’s “SiCKO”

This evening I went with my wife and some friends for a nite on the town.  We spent a little time at the SLC Jazz Festival (still going tomorrow, and worth the trip!), we got some dinner and then stopped into the theatre to see Michael Moore’s “SiCKO”.  I just want to take a minute… Read More »

Quick Update

I have gone a little longer than I had planned without posting so I’m here to drop a quick update on what is in the works… First, I’m leaving for Boston for the week in a few hours.  If there are any fellow Ubuntu users that would like to meet up for dinner or something… Read More »

Command-Line Multitasking with Screen

Screen.  What can I say about it?  It’s not very well known to many people I mention it to but its one of those programs that you just can’t stop using once you’ve started.  Yes, I use screen on a regular daily basis and it’s really easy to use. I know someone who says the… Read More »

US Georgia Team Is Alive and Well

I just spent the evening having dinner with some folks from the Georgia (US) Team.  I had a great time and I think Georgia has some great folks on the team.  It was a small turnout but worth the time and talk.  I’m sure this team will continue to grow and become approved before we… Read More »

RedHat Certified Engineer

Just a quick word before I head out to celebrate but I wanted to announce that, after a few weeks of hard study, I have successfully passed the RedHat Certified Engineer exam.  I am very relieved to have that done and out of the way! I’ve been getting some friendly jabbing from the community so… Read More »

Pardon My Dust – Domain Transfer

Quick note that I’ll be transferring this domain to another host today so if you see downtime or things are acting funny it’ll most likely be due to the DNS transfer.  I should be back up and running soon.  ..I just couldn’t refuse the deal at BlueHost for hosting multiple sites for cheap.

A Few Quick Announcements

Here I am popping up again from the seemingly dead.  I’m not dead, just have a lot more on my plate right now.  I do promise (if there is anyone out there that still believes me) that I’ll get back to blogging real soon.  Just as soon as I finish the RHCE test and can… Read More »