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Mutt Question For The Masses

I’m back on another phase of “all email clients suck” and back to Mutt again.  I *almost* have it configured to all of my (needy) specs, except for one thing.  I can’t seem to open encrypted email.  I can sign fine, I can encrypt fine, but when I try to open an encrypted email sent… Read More »

Which Is Less Evil? Ndiswrapper or Binary-Blobs?

So as you read earlier I’ve rebuilt my laptop today using Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy” Tribe 5.  I’ve been on a bug-rampage today (I need to get my LP karma up!), one of the bugs being that I have no wireless out of the box. Now, I want to present you all with the options and… Read More »

Action-crap modems and DSL…

First, I apologize for not having any tutorials most of this week. Things have been a bit busy in just getting back from a month on the road and I’ve been catching up. I’ll get things going again, I promise. Last nite I finally got most of my new network figured out (for those that… Read More »

Apparently My Senator Needs a Mail Admin

It’s things like this that remind me the people trying to represent us in government really don’t understand us. Particularly in the way of Technology. Recently I sent an email to my Senator expressing my concern over the recent rape of our privacy in the HomeLand Security “we can spy on you if we *think*… Read More »

Digging People Out of Holes via the Command Line

It has been one of those days.  I’m getting ready to head back to my hotel soon, but I just had to share a story with everyone.  If nothing else it is proof that the Linux command line is a very powerful tool.. if you take the time to learn it. Here is the setting. … Read More »

HacKeD site

I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the hacked website in all its total lack of glory. They basically removed all files for the domain & replaced it with a new index.html. Not a big problem as I have nightly backups of all htdocs/, and it was a domain I purchased but… Read More »

New Car Buying: Volkswagen Jetta

I know this post is way off normal topic but I’m hunting for some feedback. I hate new-car shopping whether it be thru a dealer or private party, but I find myself in the market again. If anyone has good experiences, feedback, tips, tricks, etc I would appreciate some advice. Currently we’re considering a Volkswagen… Read More »

Where do they get this crap?

So I spent the evening with my brother-in-law & his extended family. Somehow we got on the topic of computers and the whole linux vs microsoft topic came up. I had no idea that some people felt so strongly about microsoft & the ‘Saint’ that is Mr. Gates. Here are a few gems that I… Read More »

IE: A whole new internet

Last night I was at my brother-in-laws house babysitting the nephews and was stuck using their XP machine (yes, I disinfected afterwards). This thing was a mess! It had no antivirus installed, no malware protection/removal tools and was using IE6. I very reluctantly used it (honestly, I was afraid to “click the blue E”!) Anyway,… Read More »