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How To Install VMware Tools on Ubuntu Guests

How To Install VMware Tools on Ubuntu Guests I’ve been playing more and more with virtualization lately. Partly in testing Ubuntu alpha and beta releases but also testing the folding project installer and compatibility with multiple distributions. You may have seen my previous tutorials on installing VMware Server on Ubuntu 7.04 or installing VMware Server… Read More »

How to Install VMware Server on Ubuntu 7.10

UPDATE: This tutorial has been updated to half as many steps.  Please use the updated tutorial available:  Installing VMware Server on Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” : Updated. UPDATE: For those running VMware Server 1.0.3 there is an updated version available. As I mentioned a few posts ago (How to Install VMware Server on Ubuntu 7.04)… Read More »

How To Install VMWare Server on Ubuntu 7.04

UPDATE: This post has been updated for VMware Server 1.0.5 on Ubuntu 8.04.  If you are running Ubuntu 8.04 you’ll need to see those steps. I’ve been playing more with virtualization recently and thought I would outline the steps I took to install VMWare Server on Ubuntu 7.04.  I will also have steps for installation… Read More »

Setting up QEMU / KQEMU on Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty”

This post was inspired by my previous post outlining how to bypass a bug in installing Ubuntu 7.10 within QEMU. You may be interested in reading that post as well, Installing Gutsy in QEMU bugfix. There are many ways to achieve virtualization these days. I’m sure many of you have played with VMware or perhaps… Read More »