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Ubuntu Tutorials Search Plugin

I got an email this morning from a thankful reader who had taken the time to generate a true FF/IE7 search plugin for Ubuntu Tutorials.  After chatting about it a bit we took it one step further and added code to automagically add the search plugin to the browser of those that are interested. If… Read More »

Setting Up Name Based Virtual Hosting

Setting up name-based virtual hosting on Ubuntu I do apologize again for some of the recent downtime on the blog. I’ve been researching tuning options all evening to try to bring the memory consumption lower. I did also add an additionl 256M RAM to the machine hoping that will help. Thanks for the patience during… Read More »

My Firefox Extension List

This post is in response Aaron Toponce‘s “Ultimate Firefox Extension List“.  I thought I would take a few minutes and make a list of the extensions I use and find that I’d prefer not to live without.  On the one hand I do think they make me more productive.  On the other hand I feel… Read More »