Enable two-fingers scrolling on Ubuntu 12.10

Enable Two Finger Scrolling I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my Lenovo T510 this evening after a very long hiatus. It’s only been a couple of hours but I am impressed with how polished everything seems to be. I have run into one little annoyance though, and that inspired the first post in quite a long… Read More »

GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest – SCaLE 9x

We’ve been working hard on the list we’ve assigned ourselves in the GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest. So far we’ve made a large number of commits to our puppet configuration tree, as well as got two new servers installed. A large number of our web services are now migrated to a new RHEL6 based web server, which… Read More »

GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest – Day 1

Today I’m at SCALE in Las Angeles. I’m here for a few reasons, including as a Speaker on Sunday morning, to help manage the GNOME Foundation exhibition booth, and to participate in the GNOME Sysadmin Hackfest. As the staff GNOME Sysadmin I proposed and planned a Sysadmin Hackfest that would allow us to work on… Read More »

GNOME 2.32 Released!

I am happy to announce that GNOME 2.32 has now officially been released! This release is a bit smaller than what you’ve come to expect, but that is simply because most of the focus is on the upcoming GNOME 3.x series! I want to congratulate the entire GNOME team for all of their hard work… Read More »