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OpenOffice Easter Egg

I came across another easter egg this afternoon I thought I would share before I forgot about it.  This one is related to OpenOffice.  To find this easter egg do the following: Start OpenOffice Spreadsheet (Applications > Office > OpenOffice Spreadsheet) Within an empty field, type: =GAME(“StarWars”) Enjoy

Please Insert 25 Cents To Login

I found a new Gnome Easter egg the other day.  Just when I thought I knew about all of them (yeah, I know, some Gnome developer is sitting back in the corner laughing about all the Easter Eggs we *don’t* know about!) I find a few more. This one will require you to logout and… Read More »

Mozilla Firefox Easter Eggs

I ran into some Mozilla Firefox easter eggs this afternoon.  Do you have any more that I don’t know about? Visit these addresses in Firefox 3: about:mozilla about:robots Also some other interesting things to find: about:config about:cache about:credits about:license about:buildconfig (Reference to the “warranty” is a warning message and I’m sure its a joke.  Refer… Read More »

A Few GNOME Easter Eggs

Hey you! Hit ALT-F2 in your gnome desktop and type ‘free the fish’. Trust me. It’s ok. It won’t break your machine. I promise. C’mon! Now you’ve got company on your desktop with Wanda the fish. Try clicking on Wanda and see what happens. Cool little easter egg in GNOME there. …or try ALT-F2 and… Read More »