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Enable Basic Compositing for Gnome-Do 0.8.x

The recent release of Gnome-Do 0.8.0 has brought with it a number of interface changes and upgrades.  I won’t go into all the new “shiny” stuff in this post, but simply outline how to satisfy the new requirements.  Gnome-Do 0.8.x now requires some type of compositing support for its interface (unless you stick with “Classic”).… Read More »

First Thing I Do After Installing Ubuntu

I generally don’t jump on the meme bandwagon but I thought this one might be of interest to some of you.  My old co-worker, Clint Savage, jumped on a meme regarding “What’s the first thing you do after installing <distro>?” I’d be very interested in what my reader-base does after first installing Ubuntu.  Perhaps you’ll… Read More »

Like Gnome-Do? Check Out The 0.5 Release!

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that the Gnome-Do team had released a major update, 0.5!  Being completely addicted to Gnome-Do I immediately upgraded to check out the new features.  Here is a basic rundown of the new features and, of course, how to upgrade your system! Features After taking a look at the… Read More »