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Disable User List and Preselect User in KDM Login Manager

Another KDE related post. How ’bout that. This article outlines how to disable the user list and/or the preselect user feature of the KDM login manager. The end result here is for the Login Manager to not display a list of users or pre-populate the username field with the previously logged in users. If you… Read More »

How To Install KDE 4.4 RC In Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala”

As I mentioned a few days back in my article regarding Installing Dropbox on Kubuntu, I’ve been tinkering with KDE recently and I am enjoying my time with it. I know I’ve written in the past regarding some frustrations with KDE, but I have to admit that many of my frustrations have gone away as… Read More »

What Is Your Preferred Minimal Window Manager?

Yesterday I spent some time playing with some alternative window managers. After spending hours and hours tinkering with the internals of GNOME in preparation for my presentation at the Utah Open Source Conference I needed a change of scenery. I experimented with evilwm and openbox primarily. They were both very interesting, and I realized there… Read More »

Refresh The Katapult Launcher in Kubuntu

After posting my previous tutorial on Manually Installing Firefox I noticed that the Katapult Launcher in Kubuntu was not aware of my newly installed application. Apparently you need to refresh Katapult before it’ll see the changes. For those of you that use Katapult this little trick might be handy.. and for those of you that… Read More »

Removing KDE icons in gnome / remove gnome icons in KDE

This tutorial is for those people that like to run gnome and KDE side by side. This will allow you to only show the native apps in the menus within each desktop environment instead of showing everything. update: I wrote a script to automate this process. If you’d like to use that instead it is… Read More »