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Available Ubuntu Kernel Versions Per Release

I know many people are curious regarding which Ubuntu kernel is available, and how the kernels differ between distributions. I thought it would be interesting to create a reference outlining each of the supported and available kernels on Ubuntu, and which release they correspond to. I will try to keep this page updated with the… Read More »

TCP: Treason Uncloaked?

Today, considering it is a holiday here in the US, I figured I’d take a day off from the tutorials and ask a question of you. All of my servers run logwatch (which will make for a great tutorial coming up soon), and I pretty regularly see something like this in the daily output: ———————… Read More »

How To Find Your Ubuntu or Kernel Version

Update: There is an updated version of this post available here: Find your Ubuntu kernel version. To make up for not blogging over the past few weeks I’ve got a few things up my sleeve here. I definitely want to get back into my old habit so I’ll just dive right in. This tutorial will… Read More »