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Reset GNOME Keyring Password on Ubuntu

Reset GNOME Keyring Password on Ubuntu This post is an update to an article I wrote some years ago. There have been some changes in the configuration between now and then, so I felt this warranted an update. The original article in question is: Clearing or Resetting the GNOME keyring. This article addresses the issue… Read More »

Add PPA Key To Your Apt Keyring

I know many of you use Launchpad’s “Personal Package Archive” for updated and beta packages. I have about a half-dozen configured on my machine to give me the latest and greatest of my favorite applications. The one problem with a PPA though is that the packages can’t be verified when downloaded because you don’t have… Read More »

Clearing or Resetting the Gnome-Keyring

UPDATE: Reset GNOME Keyring Password on Ubuntu I ran into the weirdest problem the other day.  My gnome-keyring prompted me for a keyring password to authorize the use of a key, but didn’t want to take any of my passphases.  I tried any passphrase I could think of to no use.  My gnome-keyring, for whatever… Read More »