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OpenID Plugin Reactivated

Thanks to some quick feedback and troubleshooting from the OpenID WP plugin developer I’ve got things functioning again.  It seems we turned up a few issues that will still need addressing (primarily regarding my use of Lighttpd vs the more standard Apache), but we have things functional again. Big thanks to Will for his help. … Read More »

Disabling OpenID Plugin

I’ve been having issues with the OpenID plugin for WordPress, as many of you have noticed and commented. Until I’m able to come up with a solution I’m simply going to disable the plugin. If anyone has any tips or solutions on getting it to work reliably on WordPress please let me know.

Trying Out a New Theme

After toying with a few new themes I have activated one of them on this blog today. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the change. Better? Worse? Anything missing? Drop by, leave a comment, and tell me what you think. P.S. I know OpenID is broken. I’m looking into it..

Quick Update About The Forum

I have been continuing work on the integrated forum and based on your feedback I think I have resolved a number of the initial issues.  First of all, OpenID seems to be working now.  There have been numerous updates to the WP plugin I use and it appears the latest finally solves the issue.  Also,… Read More »