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SSH Pop Quiz

I spent a little bit of time trying to find an answer to this today but I was unsuccessful. I’m hoping one of you will have the secret for me. Situation: I’ve configured my .ssh/config file with profile and port information for the many servers I connect to on a regular basis. Problem: One of… Read More »

Use VNC? Encrypt It Via SSH

I covered VNC this afternoon in my Linux system administration course and the question came up on how to secure VNC. You may or may not be aware than VNC is not encrypted by default, which could be a security concern. If you use VNC regularly to connect to other Linux machines you may want… Read More »

Disabling SSH connections on ipv6

I was parsing through some of the logs on my new server tonite and I saw some unsuccessful ssh connection on ipv6. I thought I would mention quickly how you can disable listening on ipv6. ListenAddress The /etc/ssh/sshd_config file configures how your ssh daemon should run. By default it is likely listening on (all… Read More »

Quick-Launch Network Connections and Shares with ALT-F2

Quick-connect options for network shares inside gnome can be even easier than using the Places > Connect to Server options. You can also quick-connect to these using the ALT-F2 run dialog. As far as I understand these are interchangable in their features, its just another more flexible way for you to connect to a remote… Read More »

VNC over SSH : securing the remote desktop

I was discussing VNC this afternoon with some students and the question came up on how to secure VNC.  As you may have noticed most network protocols do not have much for built in security.  Many rely on other programs for their network security needs, such as ssh.  This is also the case with VNC.… Read More »