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How To Uninstall VMWare Server: Ubuntu All Versions

If you’ve ever played with Virtualization products you’ve very likely tried out VMware Server.  With its good support of hardware and software platforms, plus the fact that it is a free download from the VMware website, it is a very commonly used application.  What if you’ve decided to move on to other Virtualization products, such… Read More »

How To Install VMware Tools on Ubuntu 8.04 Guests

Installing VMware Tools on virtualized guests gives you a much more enjoyable experience within your virtual environment.  Screen resolution, mouse behaviour, etc will be improved for your virtual sessions after installing these additional tools.  Installing these tools within Ubuntu 8.04 virtualized guests is fairly simple, just follow along below. Installing VMware Tools The first requirement,… Read More »

How to Install VMware Server on Ubuntu 7.10

UPDATE: This tutorial has been updated to half as many steps.  Please use the updated tutorial available:  Installing VMware Server on Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” : Updated. UPDATE: For those running VMware Server 1.0.3 there is an updated version available. As I mentioned a few posts ago (How to Install VMware Server on Ubuntu 7.04)… Read More »