Gaim 2.0 beta3.1 & Off-The-Record 3.0.0 : Ubuntu 6.06.1 (Dapper Drake)

By | 2006/08/20

This tutorial will outline how to install Gaim 2.0beta3.1 plus Off-The-Record 3.0.0 on Ubuntu Dapper v6.06.

I had been one of the early adopters of Gaim 2.0beta3 but had trouble finding support for the encryption plugins that I was used to. I initially reverted to Gaim 1.5.x and used the gaim-encryption plugin (which was yet unsupported in 2.0beta3).

After additional research I have found that the OTR (Off-The-Record) plugin is superior. If you currently don’t use any type of encryption I would suggest looking into it. The below steps will allow you to use the latest version of Gaim plus Off-The-Record messaging on Ubuntu Dapper Drake v6.06.1

Step 1:

sudo aptitude install libavahi-compat-howl0 libgnutls11 libmeanwhile1 libotr2

Step 2:

Download my gaim2.0 beta3.1 package which includes the latest gaim, gaim-data, libgadu and OTR builds in .deb format. Also includes optional 'guification', 'gaim-dev' & 'gaim-dbg' packages.

Step 3:

sudo dpkg -i gaim_2.0.0+beta3.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb gaim-data_2.0.0+beta3.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb libgadu3_1.6+20060616-1_i386.deb gaim-otr_3.0.0+cvs20060530-1_i386.deb

Step 4:

Activate the Off-The-Record plugin in Tools > Plugins > Off-The-Record Messaging

Step 5:

When initiating a conversation with a contact using OTR right-click on the OTR button and 'Start Private Conversation'. Follow the prompts & then 'Verify Fingerprint' in the same menu.

EDIT: Updated the included package with the gaim 2.0beta3.1 package released Aug 20, 2006.

4 thoughts on “Gaim 2.0 beta3.1 & Off-The-Record 3.0.0 : Ubuntu 6.06.1 (Dapper Drake)

  1. Pepino


    your tutorial is working great, but the automatic update wants to reverse everything. If i do “sudo apt-get install -f” the system wants to delete the newly installed packages.

    Do you have any hint how to avoid that?


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  3. dave m

    probably posting in the wrong space, but i’m looking into getting ubuntu and i just wanted to know if there was an instant messenger that could interface with yahoo! instant messenger…

    i’m starting to feel a little out of my league, so any help at all would be most appreciated!


  4. Russ

    I have recently downloaded and installed GAIM 3.0 on AMD64 processor with Ubuntu 8.0. Is it automatically working? I dont see the option to add it in as a plugin or anything. Please advise? Thanks!

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