11 thoughts on “WordPress Spam Filtering

  1. Mike Cohen

    I only use Akismet and find that it catches almost all of my spam. Maybe 1 a month or less is missed.

  2. nixternal

    I only use Akismet and Bad Behavior. I have never been hit by a spam comment in well over a year, maybe even 2.

  3. Luke Hoersten

    Akismet is all I use. I used to do the math filter too but it never caught a single thing. Spam bots blew right through it.

  4. Joe A

    I use Bad Behavior also. I enabled Akismet the day before I got my first spam comments … totaling 30 on day 1, and 45 the next day. Luck me

  5. Chip Bennett

    I use all of the above, except for Spam Karma.

    I only recently switched to using WP’s native commenting, from the Haloscan comments I used to use; so most of the spam I get is of the trackback spam variety. STBV has been incredibly effective in thwarting it.

    Thus far, with comment moderation enabled, along with Akismet and my own modified implementation of Math Comment Verification (I replaced the text “Spam protection: Sum of” with an image), I haven’t had a single comment spam even make it into moderation (sample period of approximately two weeks).

  6. COd

    I use a simple text captcha and bad behavior. Haven’t seen a spam comment in months. The plug in is named “Word Verify.” I don’t even have Akismet enabled.

  7. Lasse Havelund

    I personally only use Akismet; if you want even more, you can do Akismet and Bad Behaviour. They should catch 99.9% of your spam.

  8. Stemp

    Askimet + Math Comment Protection.
    Less than a spam by month, But 2 or 3 Trackback’s spam.

  9. mathew

    I require an OpenID login. End of problem.

    Your OpenID setup doesn’t seem to accept my login, ironically.

  10. Leion

    I use Spam Kama 2. It worked better than Askimet, which I used for a month when I first installed WordPress

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