This One Is For The LOLZ

By | 2008/11/07

Its hilarious sometimes what you find trolling and twitter.  If you’re up for some lolz install the “sl” package:

sudo aptitude install sl

Next time you fat finger your directory listing of “ls” you’ll get a nice little surprise.

(Check out the man page too, its configurable.)

I think this wins the official “This developer has too much free time” award.

6 thoughts on “This One Is For The LOLZ

  1. henriquemaia

    Great find. I really loled with this, specially with the -a option. 😀

  2. Stephen Lord

    or add:

    alias sl=’ls’

    to .bashrc

    One of the first things I configure!

  3. Onur YALAZI

    This brought my dream of applying sl command to my ‘car (cat) typo’. So I did it 🙂 You can find the patch at my blog

  4. alan

    This program was funny for a while… but now I wish it didn’t exist. Because it means that every time I mess up typing ls I have to wait for command-not-found to look up sl in the apt cache and tell me how to install it, instead of just erroring out so I can get back to work.

    Eventually, I just gave in and installed it. choo choo.

  5. Cong

    lol, good for a weekend laugh..

    BTW I just now peeked into the source code and found out that I can even pass various cmdline arguments to “sl” ;P

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Jean-Marc Liotier

    I have had sl installed for quite a while on our community run server. When I begin to see it run a couple of times, I take it as a warning that I’m getting tired and should take a break before I make a worse mistake…

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