Install Guest-Additions on Ubuntu 10.10 Beta : Workaround

By | 2010/09/08

I took some time today to check out Ubuntu 10.10 Beta. So far I’m impressed with some of the improvements, and I’ll blog about those later, but in the meantime I thought I’d share a workaround I came across in getting Guest Additions working when running Ubuntu 10.10 inside VirtualBox.

My first attempt at getting Guest Additions installed was by mounting the CD and running the command:

sudo ./

While this attempted to compile the drivers necessary for Guest Additions, it never seemed to work. After repeated reboots and rebuilds, I could never get a better resolution. After a little searching I came across a solution that seems to take care of the problem.

To install Guest Additions in Ubuntu 10.10 Beta, you’ll need to install a pre-packaged version available through the repositories. You can run the command below, or click on the URL:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11

After a quick reboot you should be set.

I hope you enjoy Ubuntu 10.10 Beta (and forward). It’s the little things like this that make testing it in a virtual machine worthwhile.

9 thoughts on “Install Guest-Additions on Ubuntu 10.10 Beta : Workaround

  1. steve p.

    Thanks so much for this. As you say, it makes testing the beta so much more enjoyable.

  2. Benoit S.

    Thanks a lot for this quick tutorial, I was desperate to have a better resolution on my Ubuntu guest.
    You saved my day 😀

  3. Methuselah

    Thanks! It took me two resizings of the window to get the full 1920×1080, but now I’m a happy camper.

  4. Colek

    as you say, installing vboxlinuxaddition not giving a significant effect. then i follow your instruction here, and it work. many thanks.

  5. maks

    Thanks for your instructions!
    But I still have the problem with resolution. There are only 2 variants in Monitor Preferences: 640×480 and 800×600. How do you think, what is the reason for this problem?

  6. Max

    Thanks alot! Much easier than other procedures (that didn’t work).


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