How to use gaim for gmail chat

By | 2006/04/11

In response to my earlier post I wanted to make a how-to publically available for those that aren’t familiar with setting up Jabber. If you have a gmail account you already have an account with Jabber. Gmail’s chat uses the Jabber protocol so you’re already half-way there. (If you don’t have a gmail account you really should, post a comment and I’ll send you an invite)

This how-to depends on 1) gaim, 2) gmail account.

  1. ‘Add Account’ in Gaim
  2. Use the drop-down & select Jabber
  3. screen name = your.address (before @ sign for gmail)
  4. server = (you do not need to use the @ anywhere)
  5. resource : I don’t know the importance of this–I use the default
  6. password = your gmail password
  7. alias = what do you want to be known as?
  8. more options / advanced
  9. connect server :
  10. Register & Connect

Any contact in your gmail address book will be available under your new account.

10 thoughts on “How to use gaim for gmail chat

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  3. vinay

    it surely is helpful man thank u very much

  4. shree

    when ,i open account in gaim..
    there is no option for jabber protocol.
    only AIM/ICQ & TOC are avaliable…
    what to do…

  5. dnyanoba

    I am not able to connect gtalk on gaim
    It gives connection loss error

  6. Abhilash

    Great job,
    This is very informative thanks

  7. kimpy

    hi can you please help me?
    can you please tell me how to start a chat? because ive been trying but still no results i already have a gmail account!

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