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Install Skype for Linux Beta v2.1.0.81 on Ubuntu 9.10

Skype just recently released an updated version of their desktop client for Linux, Skype Beta v2.1.0.81. This release fixes some major bugs and well as introduces some new features previously unavailable on the Linux release. I am very happy to see this version released as I use Skype quite regularly. Not only to talk to… Read More »

Available Ubuntu Kernel Versions Per Release

I know many people are curious regarding which Ubuntu kernel is available, and how the kernels differ between distributions. I thought it would be interesting to create a reference outlining each of the supported and available kernels on Ubuntu, and which release they correspond to. I will try to keep this page updated with the… Read More »


I presented earlier today at the Utah Open Source Conference and briefly demoed some of the use cases for screen. During the presentation I had a number of requests for my .screenrc file, so I thought I would attach it here. If you use screen for any reason you might find this useful. Download ##… Read More »

Minimal Window Managers: Day 1

After getting a lot of feedback from the crowd regarding window managers I’ve decided to try a few out. Initially I’ve tried awesome and wmii, and I’m fairly impressed with both. I do wish I could combine some of the features that I like from each one–and maybe that is possible. Below are my thoughts… Read More »

Change The Default Editor

If you spend any amount of time in a terminal you very likely end up needing to use a text editor. Text editors can be very powerful tools, and therein introduces the age-old editor wars. Vim vs Emacs, etc. No matter what your preferred editor is, it helps if it is the default. It is… Read More »

SSH Pop Quiz

I spent a little bit of time trying to find an answer to this today but I was unsuccessful. I’m hoping one of you will have the secret for me. Situation: I’ve configured my .ssh/config file with profile and port information for the many servers I connect to on a regular basis. Problem: One of… Read More »

TCP: Treason Uncloaked?

Today, considering it is a holiday here in the US, I figured I’d take a day off from the tutorials and ask a question of you. All of my servers run logwatch (which will make for a great tutorial coming up soon), and I pretty regularly see something like this in the daily output: ———————… Read More »