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I presented earlier today at the Utah Open Source Conference and briefly demoed some of the use cases for screen. During the presentation I had a number of requests for my .screenrc file, so I thought I would attach it here. If you use screen for any reason you might find this useful. Download ##… Read More »

Group Collaboration With Screen

This week I’m teaching out in Portland, OR in a Linux Fundamentals class. A small part of one of this weeks chapter is on screen. You might remember I’ve talked about screen in the past here. I still use screen on a day to day basis and really enjoy it. Today I’ve got something new… Read More »

Command-Line Multitasking with Screen

Screen.  What can I say about it?  It’s not very well known to many people I mention it to but its one of those programs that you just can’t stop using once you’ve started.  Yes, I use screen on a regular daily basis and it’s really easy to use. I know someone who says the… Read More »