By | 2006/06/19

Well I tried to upgrade my Linksys WRT54G wireless router using the DD-WRT firmware. I downloaded the firmware, upgraded & got a ‘upgrade successful message’ but after that all it seems to be is a brick.

I can’t access it via the web and I can’t get a DHCP assignment. It doesn’t really seem to be doing anything..

Anyone who’s had some experience with this give me some ideas?

3 thoughts on “DD-WRT

  1. Steve Dibb

    Your best bet is to try the TFTP method to try and restoring the firmware (any firmware). That’s what usually works best.

  2. Mark

    If you check on the DD-WRT wiki they have instructions for restoring a bricked router, they worked for me – thank god 🙂

    Good luck with it tho, DD-WRT is an awesome firmware and the reason I chose to upgrade my aging 802.11b router!

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