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By | 2006/06/20

A while back Gabe posted the top keywords leading to the Utah Open Source Planet. I noticed the top few were very related & then gradually became very un-related (example: malt o meal employee benefits).

What suggestions does anyone/everyone have about search engine optimization? Do you worry about it? Do you just blog for content & leave the rest to Google? Do you worry about META tags? I notice the keywords leading to my site are all related to recent posts. Is keywording your content the main factor to search engine placement?

I’d love to get some feedback on this. Thanks

One thought on “Search Engine Optimization

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    The “Pecking Order” of Great SEO!

    First and foremost: Your keywords.

    (You might as well cash it in if you haven’t done your keyword research, you will fail, guaranteed.)


    You are allowed 66 characters. Use each one like it is a gold nugget. Do NOT use words like: the, and,

    or,|, (),!.

    Instead, USE your #1 keyword phrase(s)The title is supposed to look like a sign, not a sentence.

    And while I’m ranting, NEVER use “and more!” in your tag.

    If you don’t follow these 2 rules of SEO from the get go, Googlebot, Slurp, msn, baidu and all that

    rest are going to give you 3 out of 4 snore jobs.

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