Hacked Ad Seen on MySpace Served Spyware to a Million

By | 2006/07/20

An online banner advertisement that ran on MySpace.com and other sitesover the past week used a Windows security flaw to infect more than a million users with spyware when people merely browsed the sites with unpatched versions of Windows, according to data collected by iDefense

The threat was found by a ‘malware’ specialist while using his Linux based machine. Isn’t it nice to be able to browse the internet for dangers while in a bullet-proof suite? You gotta love that.

Yet again a reminder to drop Internet Exploder and use Firefox (or Flock).

2 thoughts on “Hacked Ad Seen on MySpace Served Spyware to a Million

  1. Brown

    This is why one should use a secure browser: either firefox or Opera or some other lesser known ones like KMeleon. With millions of spyware infested sites, no one is secure. More information on spyware: http://www.spyware2.net

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