Distribution Upgrade Tips : Ubuntu (5.10 / 6.06 / 6.10)

By | 2006/11/09

Earlier today I ran into an Ubuntu machine that was a bit out of date (to my standards anyway) so I thought I would upgrade it. The machine was running Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) and I thought I would upgrade to Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). Well, learn from my mistakes and don’t be lazy about it.

I tried to upgrade directly from Breezy to Edgy. THIS WILL NOT WORK. I ran into dependency hell and could not get past it despite a barrage of “apt-get install -f”, “apt-get dist-upgrade” or even manually trying to remove / add programs one at a time.

Midway through the process I decided to try and upgrade to Dapper, which worked, and then I went to Edgy from there.

If you have any previous machines my suggestion is to upgrade one release at a time for maximum compatibility and stability. This means Breezy -> Dapper -> Edgy, etc. Hopefully, but the time they release the second LTS, it’ll have a simple upgrade option between the two. In the meantime be sure you take your time and go per-release.

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