How To Set Mozilla Thunderbird to NON-HTML

By | 2007/03/05

In an addition to yesterdays post I realize that Evolution doesn’t seem to be the most popular program.  I think I might be the only person I know that uses it.  In any event I thought I would outline a few steps for accomplishing the same results in Mozilla Thunderbird.. fancy, popular, trendy Thunderbird. 🙂

I installed it last night, partly because I thought I would try something new and partly so I could outline these steps for you.  I hope you’re happy! Ok, now down to business.

How To Set Mozilla Thunderbird to NON-HTML

Within Thunderbird you’ll need to navigate to Edit > Account Settings : Composition & Addressing.  From here look for the check-box that says “Compose message in HTML format“.  Go ahead and un-check that.

Anything more? Not that I can think of.  Now those of you that use Thunderbird can join the fun too.

4 thoughts on “How To Set Mozilla Thunderbird to NON-HTML

  1. roner

    Why ? I mist be stupid or something, but you don’t say a work why one should set Mozilla Thunderbird to NON-HTML?!?

  2. oldschool

    My version of Thunderbird (Mac doesn’t have this option visible. It’s damn annoying. I hate html e-mail.

  3. oldschool

    I typed too soon. Emphasize that the option is in ACCOUNT SETTINGS, and per account, not in the preferences.

    To answer Roner: the annoying thing about html e-mail is the power it gives to people who compose near-vacuous messages that need to be scrolled up and down, and even side to side, just to find the important bit, just like when Macs first put a hundred fonts into the hands of every user. Typographic power is like freedom of speech: a bit of discretion goes a long, long way.

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