Dell Is Listening – Help Make A Change

By | 2007/03/13

Based on the results of the aptly named Dell Idea Storm (which got a storm of requests for Linux pre-installed) Dell is now asking for more information on what we would like if they were to offer a Linux based installation. Please, for the love, visit this Dell Linux Survey and vote for what you would need from them. My only humble request? Vote for Ubuntu as your distro of choice!

…and if Free Software is important to you share the link with everyone you know!

4 thoughts on “Dell Is Listening – Help Make A Change

  1. kwilliam

    Sweet! Thanks for pointing this out; I don’t know if I’d have found it otherwise.

    I totally voted for Ubuntu! (I would have voted for Kubuntu, but they didn’t offer it. Doesn’t matter, because Kubuntu is just one apt-get away from a Ubuntu install.)

    I told them that Inspiron laptops were my #1 priority, because I’m thinking of buying one.

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