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Presenting Bastille at SCaLE18x

I am excited to announce that I will be presenting “Bastille: Secure Container Automation” at SCaLE18x in Pasadena, CA. This presentation will demonstrate container automation on FreeBSD using Bastille. Bastille is an open-source system for automating deployment and management of containerized applications on FreeBSD. Bastille automates deployment and management of containers using a container technology… Read More »

Help Shawn Powers and Family

I just read the news that Linux Journal Editor Shawn Powers lost his home today due to a fire. He and his family all escaped unharmed, but they lost their home and family pets. I don’t have many details (I’ve not been able to find many elsewhere either), but I wanted to pass on the… Read More »

Presenting at the Utah Open Source Conference 2009

I was just going over the schedule for the upcoming Utah Open Source Conference and I realized that I’ll be presenting one month from today! On Oct 9, 2009, the second day of the conference, I am scheduled for two presentations. The first is a beginner / intermediate presentation regarding GNOME customization and making use… Read More »

Many Thanks

I just wanted to thank everyone who commented or otherwise sent congratulations for the new baby. She really is a joy and I’m glad to see so many people from so many parts of the world sending notes. Thank you. I am back into work this week so I may finally have some time to… Read More »

Baby Announcement

We are very happy to announce the arrival of our second daughter, Elizabeth, today. She was born early this morning. 9lbs. 7oz (big baby!), 22″ long. She and mother are doing fine and resting.

Four Years and Counting..

I was taking a look at my blog stats the other day and realized that this post will make post number seven-hundred on this blog.  Seven-hundred posts since February 2006. I can hardly believe it!  This April also marks four years since I started using Ubuntu (the 5.04 release).  I can’t believe how fast the… Read More »

Things My One Year Old Daughter Loves

Hopping on the current meme bandwagon here is a list of the things my daughter loves to do: Read Books (Curious George, ftw!) Climb the Stairs Tickling Tinkerbell Watching everything outside (birds, cars, dogs, people, etc) Bathtime For those that have been long time readers, you might remember the announcement a year ago of her… Read More »