A Few Quick Announcements

By | 2007/04/09

Here I am popping up again from the seemingly dead.  I’m not dead, just have a lot more on my plate right now.  I do promise (if there is anyone out there that still believes me) that I’ll get back to blogging real soon.  Just as soon as I finish the RHCE test and can slow down the studying a bit!

So, as a quick update, I did pass the RedHat Certified Technician exam last week.  Thanks goes to all of you that wished me good luck.  I appreciate it.  Next week (Fri the 20th) I will be taking the RedHat Certified Engineer exam.  This one is apparently quite a bit more intense so I’m doing all I can to be confident for this’n.  Wish me luck and hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have one more certification under my belt.

In hopes of having something to celebrate I also want to remind everyone about the Feisty Release Party that the Ubuntu Utah team is putting on this year.  Considering the development team chose an awkward Thursday for release our party will be on a more feasible day, Sat the 21st.  This should be a lot of fun and I hope to see all Ubuntu users at the party.

Sat, April 21st. 6:00pm – 9:00pm at the Orbit Cafe.  (200S 540W, SLC).  I will be sending out some more details to the list soon.  Mark your calendar for an Ubuntu Celebration!

In any event, it’s back to studying in the morning so I’d better get to bed.  No rest until I’m RHCE… then I can get back to some of my business as usual.

2 thoughts on “A Few Quick Announcements

  1. Jakub Szestowicki

    Congratulations for passing RedHat Certified Technician exam !
    April 21st will be a great day for all ubuntu geeks 😉

  2. be4truth

    People invented reincarnation and cloning to cope with the problems of overloaded plates.Congratulation!

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