United States of Ubuntu : State of the Union

By | 2007/07/14

US Teams current status mapUbuntu within the United States is alive and well!  The US Teams Project, launched the beginning of 2007 has been a HUGE success.  I wish I had room here to thank everyone that has been such a great contributing member.  Scratch that.  I can’t go on without thanking the US Teams Mentors for all their dedication and volunteered time.  We would not be where we are today without you.  It is very appreciated.  A special thanks also goes to those brave Ubuntu users that have volunteered to take the role of Team Leader.  You are a brave soul.  The few, the proud. ..With very large shoes to fill.  Your work and dedication has been tremendous as well.  It’s this great community working together–the common bond we find in Ubuntu–that has led to our success.  I thank each of you for that.

At this point, more than half-way to our goal date I wanted to give a status report.  The initial growth of the project has been enormous.  We now have more than double the number of Community Council approved teams than we did when we started.  We have twenty-five teams in the process of being mentored and growing!  The momentum has started.  The framework is in place.  It’s now up to you to help us finish and reach our goal!

This is a call to all of you in US States that do not yet have organized or growing teams.  We need you!  We need your help to reach our goal.  You will not find much as rewarding as building a community in your area and strengthening and educating those around you.  If I may…

I started the Utah Team nearly two years ago.  I have worked hard at it.  I have had late nights.  I have tried as best I can to be accessible and accommodating to each member and user in my state.  Yes there were times when I wondered what I was doing.  Yes there were meetings with low attendance.  But you know the best part?  When we had our Feisty release party we were one person short of violating the fire code!  The room was packed.  When I looked around the room I realized that I had a room full of good friends, and many great memories that I would not have had otherwise.  Working with this team as a leader and a member has been something that I’ll remember as one of the most rewarding times of my life.

I invite you to look for a team near you.  If you find one, fantastic!  Join them and help build the Ubuntu community in your area.  If you don’t find one dare to be great and contact us for mentoring on how to develop a team.  We have some great, talented people ready and willing to help you build your team.  I bet you’ll find skills that you never thought you had.  All it takes is being willing to try!

We can’t meet our goal without you.  We can sure try, but only you can build a community in your city or state.  Only you can reach those around you and share the Ubuntu love.  Take a minute and come join us in IRC (#ubuntu-us, freenode).  Join our mailing list ([email protected]).  Email me if you need.  I’ll get you in touch with the right people.

I believe we can reach our goal of fifty approved teams by years end.  I know you Ubuntu lovers are out there, come on out of the woodwork!

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  1. Nathan Palmer

    There was a Feisty Fawn release party in Utah? Where was I? Damn.

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