Installing Ubuntu on a Macbook : Tutorial (beta)

By | 2007/08/02

This tutorial has been a long time in the making and it isn’t completely done, but I wanted to release it for some suggestions, comments and cleanup. I set out to write a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for installing Ubuntu. It basically starts from taking the Macbook out of the box to configuring networking, video, right-click, fn-keys, etc. There is a complete outline at the top of the tutorial.

Based on the length of this writeup (easily the longest writeup I’ve done to date) I will not post it here in the blog contents. For this beta-tutorial (if there is such a thing) I am linking to the original text file. If any of you have a Macbook and are interested in trying these steps feel free. As usual the responsibility is in your hands on any data loss, but that is also outlined in the tutorial.

Any questions, comments, suggestions or further tips please leave comments here. Otherwise, click the link below to take a peek at the document.

Ubuntu on a Macbook (text file)

11 thoughts on “Installing Ubuntu on a Macbook : Tutorial (beta)

  1. Jean-Philippe

    Thanks a lot! Truely appreciated. OSX is great but never as fun as an Ubuntu desktop. I will follow the dev.

  2. Håkon Jensen

    Been thinking about doing this myself, but Im simply to lazy, so thanks for putting in the effort 🙂 I use mouseemu to emulate the right-click on the F12 button. Do you have another way of emulating the right-click?

  3. Ubuntu Tutorials

    Hakon – I do. It’s outlined in the beta writeup. If any of you ‘taking the effort’ run into any trouble let me know so I can finalize the writeup.

  4. Simon Huerlimann

    I did setup a friends MacBook using Kubuntu a while ago. Well, I did run through most of the outlined step, back then. But I had to visit a lot of ressources to get it all working.

    You did a nice job in summing it all up in a nice, short, and enjoyable tutorial. Will use it the next time I do Ubuntize a MacBook:-)

    Thanx for the good work!

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  6. nan

    Great! really great! this web is now a reference for me.

  7. Andrés Galavis

    I was about to ask about Alex said. Is there any improvement in using rEFIt against bootcamp? I’m guessing that with bootcamp you don’t have to wipe your osX install before installing Ubuntu. Anyway, thanks for the tutorial, also for the vi tips… this one of the few blogs I usually (and actually) read form ubuntu planet.

  8. Devvrath Khatri

    in which format will u suggest to format that 10Gb partition , i did in ext3 and i also tried in fat32 , but when i try to install OS X is not able to find a place to install , and then it tries to do something with my hard disk and then the whole 120 Gb parition becomes 1 again , as it was before doing with Ubuntu :((

  9. Devvrath Khatri

    beside , i was able to format my 43 Gb into Mac OS X extended format , but the OS X installer says , “You Cannot install Mac OS X on this volume. Max OS X cannot start up from this volume ”

    what am i doing wrong ?

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