Folding v0.4.1 “shanghai” Release

By | 2007/09/01

Please consider downloading the latest version of folding instead.

After ten days of improvements, minor code fixes and a very thorough audit done by a concerned reader (Thanks Jeff) I am proud to release folding v0.4.1 codename “shanghai”.

This release does not address any major bug fixes. It should contain the same functionality, but the code has been cleaned up and improved.

As usual if you’ve already installed this application there is no need to upgrade. If you have never run the folding client on your machine please consider it. See Stanfords Protein Folding site for more details.

Downloads available below:

Folding v0.4.1 “shanghai” zip

Folding v0.4.1 “shanghai” tar

Folding v0.4.1 “shanghai” bz2

As usual, bugs may be reported in the comments section here or by emailing me directly. Full details on use of the application(s) are contained within the README file.

5 thoughts on “Folding v0.4.1 “shanghai” Release

  1. Vincentt

    Is this the same project as the one that participates in World Community Grid? Would that mean that if I already run World Community Grid through the BOINC client that there is no need for me to install it?

  2. Caleb Bankord

    I don’t think it is the same thing. Although it is good that you’re already donating your CPU time to something!

  3. Jeff Schroeder
    # Useless use of cat detected
    foldinghome=$(cat /etc/passwd | awk -F: ‘/folding/{print $6}’)

    # The exact same thing sans cat … |
    foldinghome=$(awk -F: ‘/folding/{print $6}’ /etc/passwd)

    Other than that and a few readability gripes, looks good! Nice work Christer

  4. Ivoshiee

    If you make another release then change the finstall download location from to The www usually redirects to ra, but sometimes it does not and it is better to use a direct hostname.

  5. Anschel

    It literally says “INSTALLING… PLEASE BE PATIENT \n”

    you seem to have put in an unnecessary newline

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