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By | 2007/09/04

First off, I’ll get back to the tutorials after this week slows down.  I’m presenting at the Utah Open Source Conference this weekend along with helping organize it and its events.  This on top of my regularly scheduled work-program just doesn’t facilitate the tutorials.  My apologies.

In other news, my presentation at the Utah Open Source Conference will be very specific to Ubuntu and its community.  I would like to gather some stats on the following:

  • Estimated number of users
  • Estimated number of countries deployed
  • Estimated number of translated languages
  • Estimated number of LoCo teams (approved and pending)
  • Estimated number of total Teams (marketing, loco, documentation, etc)
  • A list of the members of the Ubuntu Community Council (and perhaps links to bios, wikis, etc)
  • Estimated number of registered or active forum users
  • Estimated number of Ubuntu related irc channels and or accounts
  •  …that’s all I can think of

My presentation isn’t going to turn into an Ubuntu resume, but I’d like to showcase many of the worldwide successes.  Anyone that is able to offer answers to any of the above I truly appreciate it.  This will really help in wrapping up the last bits of my presentation.

5 thoughts on “Call For Ubuntu Stats

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  2. Joseph Price(Child)

    We constantly have over 1000 users in #ubuntu, normally peaking every day at about 1200.
    We don’t have ubuntustats going currently so I don’t think there’s any easy way to find the number of individual nicks each day I’m afraid.

    Good luck 😀

  3. Azrael Nightwalker

    I bet that 90% of Ubuntu users have in their sources.list so it would be possible to estimate the number of users by counting the numbers of downloads of some new security update.

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