Folding “Regression” Released

By | 2007/11/28

Just three days after releasing 0.5.2 I’m repenting and reverting a bit with a patch. This removes the renaming prompt at the main installer. Based on a bit more testing and user feedback I realize adding that feature at that point was not the best idea. In the future, installing as normal and then running the -r, –rename function will handle updating the user information.

This is a minor update, but is recommended for new installations. If you’ve already installed folding using this script updating won’t really give you anything you don’t have.

Downloads available here:



You can also pull the latest development branch from bzr via:

 bzr branch


As usual, please send feedback in the form of bugs to

6 thoughts on “Folding “Regression” Released

  1. Ubuntu Tutorials

    @Eric – It should actually already support the v6beta SMP version. If it isn’t using that on your hardware when it should please submit a bug to Launchpad

  2. Eric Hammond

    I used your installer in my testing of [email protected] on Amazon EC2. Here’s a post summarizing some results:

    I’m new enough to the folding software that I don’t know how to tell for sure if SMP is being used. The logs did seem to be different when I installed SMP according to these instructions:

    Here are some (live) log files from an EC2 large instance with 2 dual-core CPUs using your installer.

    These files will disappear when that instance is taken down (which at the rate of $.40/hour will probably be tomorrow).

    Let me know if you’d like ssh access to a large EC2 instance to debug the software (if there is a problem).

  3. gourgi

    i just installed it to hardy tribe1
    no errors
    i ‘ll report more tomorrow

  4. Adam

    This is great – makes it super easy to get folding up and running under Linux. I read in a previous post that it is currently configured to use your username/team as default and that a future release will provide the option to supply your own. I’m curious if there is a way to manually change this after the install?


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