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By | 2008/02/23

My apologies for the lack of updates this week.  My poor wife is nine-months pregnant and we’re expecting a baby any day now.  We even spent one evening at the Hospital wondering if that was going to be the big day.  She’s taking much of my focus this week, but with her fast asleep this afternoon I have a few minutes to catch up.

An update on the project I’ve blogged about recently.  I’m really happy to hear from all the people that have shown an interest in the project.  I did get a lot of responses and I’m, again, impressed in the great people we have in our Ubuntu community worldwide.

I was also a bit surprised to hear that this team already technically exists, but I found that its been a bit neglected.  So, it looks like we’ll be resurrecting a team instead of forming a new one.  I’m excited about this.  On the bright side there is already a Launchpad page, mailing list, etc.  We’ve got the tools (thanks to the initial founders for that work!), we just need to get to work.

If you’re interested in helping out with this project take a minute and subscribe to the ubuntu-classroom mailing list.  We’ll also try to have a meeting (again, apologies for the last minute nature) tomorrow in IRC.  We’ll try to use #ubuntu-classroom room if we can, at 12:00pm EST.  Stay tuned to the mailing list or, at worst case, my twitter page for last minute changes.

Let’s get this team going again and do what we can to make Ubuntu the best distribution on the planet.  With more people educated on how to participate we can only improve!

If you’re going to attend the meeting tomorrow you’ll want to be subscribed to the mailing list, join us in IRC and install Gobby for some group collaboration.  See you then!

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